Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Using the Cokin P125 Gradual Tobacco Filter

Cokin P125 Graduated Tobacco Filter
In this post I'm showing you the different effects that can be created using the Cokin Graduated Tobacco filter. 

The Cokin filter system has numerous filters which, in most cases, comprise a square piece of glass or high quality plastic that fits in a holder which, in turn, fits to the end of the lens. 
I wanted a filter that could simulate the effect that my sunglasses  have on the clouds in a landscape so I decided to try the Graduated Tobacco filter.

As the name suggests this filter is graduated which simply means that the effect (Tobaccos colour) gets lighter as it progresses down the length of the filter from top to bottom.

In this first image there is NO filter fitted.
Exposure f16.0 at 1/800th second with ISO 250

In this second image the filter is fitted and positioned about one third over the lens giving a dramatic sky scape.

Exposure f18 at 1/800th second with ISO 250

In this last image the filter is positioned about halfway over the lens. Whilst the effect is quite dramatic it is somewhat over the top and dominates the final picture.  It has also caused the the snow to become discoloured which was NOT the desired effect.

Exposure f18 at 1/400th second with ISO 250

Obviously the type of final effect that can be created depends entirely on the setting of the filter and on the requirements of the individual taking the photograph. Experimenting with different filters, settings and exposures can dramatically change the final image. In the end beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you'd like to find out more about the Cokin Filter System check out your local photographic retailer or follow this link


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