Thursday, 8 March 2012

Focus On Imaging 2012

Hi All,

On Monday 5th of March 2012 a couple of friends and I took a trip over to the NEC to visit this years Focus on Imaging exhibition. 

We had a great day, in fact, virtually 8 hours of walking around, viewing the new products and of course watching the various talks and demonstrations.

As you would expect all of the usual exhibitors were in attendance although Sony were conspicuous by their absence as indeed was Adobe's large stand. However there was plenty to look at. This year I decided to take along the Nikon Coolpix S3100 bought for me by my kids for Christmas and take a few pictures.

We arrived pretty early ans were inside the hall by 10:05. At that time the hall was pretty slack and we were able to move around really easily

View down the Hall
The first talk we watched was hosted by Rogue and presented by Bjorn Thomassen Daymen and demonstrated how models can be photographed by simply using speedlights and Rogue modifiers.
Rogue Lighting 

As we continued we stopped in on a lighting demonstration by Westcott once again showing the correct way to light models using soft-boxes and reflectors. The shot below was taken using my S3100 and the light provided by their soft-box. 

Taken using the light from the soft-box
One of the most impressive stands in the hall was the Nikon stand. With the new D800 and the D4 having just arrived there was plenty to look at. It was nice to see the D4 in the flesh and also see it being used. Nikon provided video demonstrations by several well known photographers.

watching the Nikon demonstrations

Demonstrating the Nikon D4
As the day progressed we continued to watch the tutorials and demonstrations. At midday we made our way to the Colour Confidence stand to watch Gavin Hoey as he gave a Photoshop Tip & Tricks tutorial including how to use the Nik software products such as Color Efex Pro. 

Gavin Hoey
Gavin Hoey
As the day drew to a close we stopped in on one last talk. This one was being given by photographer Drew Gardner. Drew showed us how he took some of the images included in his Golden Greats "Britain's oldest Olympic Gold Medallists" collection. This included how Drew sunk a Manfrotto tripod into a swimming pool !!!

Drew Gardner

All in all a great day was had by all. I only wish I could have attended the other days too. My thanks go out to all those who organised the event and to those professionals who put together the talks and tutorials. Roll on Focus 2013 !

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