Saturday, 2 March 2013

Colour Pop Image

Hi All,

Back in November I took a trip across to the National Arboretum over in Alrewas near Burton-on-Trent. It was a particularly dull day but I tried to make the best of it although the lighting was bad all day. 

There was a heck of a lot to photograph and in the end I took over 100 images. The images are available to view on my main website at

I'd arrived a few days after armistice day so there were lots of poppy wreaths around but the wreath on the  image below struck me as particularly striking. The monument was in battleship grey and the poppy wreath stood out so boldly even in the dull light. 

When I got the image in the home and into the computer I noticed that it didn't stand out as much as I'd remembered it on the day.

I tried various ways to try to make it as I remembered it and then it struck me that if I converted it to monochrome and then colour popped the poppy wreath then maybe that would go some way towards making it appear correct. 

I converted the image to monochrome in Nik Soft Silver EFEX Pro then used Photoshop CS6 to carefully mask the background so that I could paint in the colour of the poppy's. 

The result is as you see below. 

I'm really happy with it. It still retains a little of the dullness of the overall light and also of the battleship grey but at the same time the poppy's come crashing through.

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